This is a degenerative disorder of the lumbar spine charecterised  clinically by an insidous onset of pain & stiffness, radiologically by osteophyte formation Low Back Pain .


Bad posture & chronic back strain is the commonest  cause .Other causes being previous injury to the spine , previous diseases of the spine, birth defects & old intervertebraldisc prolapse.


Clinical features- The symptoms begin as low back ache initially worst during activity,but later present almost all the time .There may be a feeling of a catch while getting up from a sitting position which improves as one walks few steps.

The pain may radiate down the limb upto the calf(sciatica) because of irritation of one of the nerve roots.

The spinal movements are limited terminally, but there is little muscle spasm

The straight leg raisingtest(SLRT) may be positive if the nerve root compression is present.

Radiological findings include reduction on disc spsce,osteophyte formation, narrowing of joint space of the facet joints,subluxation of one vertebra over another.