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Hithayu Hospitals


Our Doctors

Dr. G.Suresh kumar


Director of HITHAYU Ayurvedic & Physiotherapy, Consultant Physiotherapist of Warangal Police & MD of A.G Pharma

Dr. P. Haritha

M.D of HITHAYU Ayurvedic

M.D of HITHAYU Ayurvedic & Physiotherapy Hospital, Specialist in Kerala Panchakarma Treatments. I worked as assista...

Dr.K.Prakash Kumar

MPT Consultant Physiotherapist

General Secretary of the Warangal Physiotherapy Association & 10 + years of experience in physiotherapy

Dr.T.Venkata Ramana

MD(Ayu) Consultant Ayurvedic Surgeon

Associate Professor of Shalya department at BRKR Ayurvedic college Hyderabad. Dr.T, Venkata Ramana